Italy 2007 / 73'
written and directed by Ss-Sunda

 gengre: pop / historical / documentary

world premiere:
November 2007 - Nightmare Film Fest, Ravenna (Italy)

others national premieres:
December 2008 - Clair-Obscur Film Festival, Basel (Switzerland)
June 2009 - Comic Con, San Diego (Usa)
December 2010 - Horror Vision, Barcelona (Spain)

public adward (no competition): best movie at Nightmare Film Fest 2007 (Italy)
special mention: best documentary about comics at Comic Con 2009 (Usa)

photography: Elisa Maritano - edit: Diego Pascal Panarello - set design: David Gilio
costume designer: Francesco Eppesteingher and Raffaella Ploia
costume and make-up: Valentina Cencetti

original music: El Reverendo M - Mirco Martelli - Neuropa - Charles E. Hall Band

based on the cult photonovel
"Sadistik" (aka "Killing, Satanik , Kiling , Killink")
published by Comicfix

cast: Aldo Agliata - Rico Boido - John Benedy - Vito "Tarzan" Fornari
Gabriella Giorgelli - Erna Schurer - Liliana Chiari - Paul Muller
special featuring: Corrado Farina - Massimo Semerano - Romano Scavolini
and with: Catarsina Transfert - Judith Peligro and Dolores Suave as "Dana"

produced by Diego Pascal Panarello, Ss-Sunda and Alessandro Zanotti
for Sinepathic Films

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"The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal" Film-Documentary
CC BY-ND  Diego Pascal Panarello & Ss-Sunda & Alessandro Zanotti
“No-Derivatives 3.0 Unported”
licensed under the Creative Commons
 "Sadistik" - "Killing" - "Satanik" - "Kiling" - "Killink" - "Dana" characters © & TM Comicfix