Italy 2001 / 53'
written and directed by Ss-Sunda

 gengre: political sf / commedy / anti-porn

world premiere:
June 2001 - Link, Bologna (Italy)

others national premieres:
December 2001 - Clair-Obscur Film Festival, Basel (Switzerland)

photography: Uncredited - edit: Turi Boop - set design: Psycho Studios
original music: Aperto Per Lutto
soundtrack available on Ghoul Records
  cast: Eddy Mondo - Loa P. - Guido Daniele Panza
Verla Ridens - Turi Boop - Hedda Polonia - Kuky La Roche
Sir William Tattoo and Alex Zan as "The President"

produced by
Turi Boop & Ss-Sunda for Psycho Freak Explosion Movie Releases

movie produced for free download
(you can try to find it via torrent)

beware: posters and lobby-cards are SOLD OUT

"Flesh Doll Operetta" :
CC BY-ND  Ss-Sunda
“No-Derivatives 3.0 Unported”
licensed under the Creative Commons